Many homeowners fall prey to roof scams every year. These unfair schemes leave families short of cash and stuck with roofs that have become worse than they were before. While it is hard to identify which roofers are worth trusting, there are red flags that will help you avoid them.

D-Wing Construction, a leading roofing contractor in the local area, shares the top roofing scams to avoid.

Insufficient Repairs

There are many ways deceitful roofers take advantage of gullible homeowners. Conducting insufficient repair work is one of them. They offer prices that are too good to be true, and once they are given the go-ahead to do work, all they do is tackle cosmetic “repairs.” For them, it is easy to place new shingles without actually addressing the real issue at hand.

The result—and the deception—becomes apparent once a storm ravages the area. Most of the time, they’re unable to reach the roofer responsible for the mess. That said, work with a reputable roof installation contractor that offers workmanship warranties in addition to the services it provides.

Unnecessary Repairs

Less-than-reputable roofers prey on homeowners who are not well-versed with how repairs work. They perform “roof inspections,” where they will find more “issues” that they deliberately cause themselves. Once they’re done with the job, they charge their customers a higher bill than what was previously agreed upon. Fast work without the results can be expected. Working with a trusted roofing company helps you avoid this possibility.


Homeowners who are new to this home improvement project won’t likely know how much to budget for it. That said, it is important that you do your due diligence in selecting the right contractor for the job. Obtain as many estimates as you can from roofing companies. From there, you will see which ones are overcharging for their services and which ones do not. Also, avoid those who don’t provide written quotes or pressure you to sign the contract.

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