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Chicagoland Vinyl Siding Replacement & Installation

If your home’s siding is starting to show signs of age, now is the time to complete a replacement. However, this isn’t a project that the majority of homeowners should attempt to do alone. Without the proper training and tools, you risk wasting a lot of time and money for disappointing results.

To get affordable and long-lasting home siding, you should leave your project to a reliable vinyl siding company. Fortunately, residents of Chicagoland don’t have to look far to find D-Wing Construction. We have served the areas with premium vinyl siding products for over 20 years, so we are confident that we can handle your replacement or installation with ease. 

Vinyl Siding Replacement by Trained Professionals

Though there are many other companies out there that offer vinyl siding replacement services, D-Wing Construction keeps the emphasis on customer satisfaction. To that end, we have undergone extensive training to ensure the most effective vinyl siding installation results. In fact, our experts know how to get the job quickly without compromising the many proven benefits of vinyl siding, which include: 

  • Affordable Prices: Unlike some other siding materials, vinyl continues to be one of the most cost-effective solutions for homeowners in Chicagoland.

  • Customizable Designs: You can work with our in-house siding specialist to customize the color, style, and size of your new vinyl siding.

  • Low Maintenance: Since vinyl resists rot, warping, and other effects from exposure to the elements, you don’t have to worry about sanding or staining your siding.

  • Energy Efficiency: We make sure that your siding is installed for optimal efficiency so that you can start saving money on your energy bills.

The Best Siding Brands and Manufacturers Installed by the Best Siding Installation Experts Around

Mastic Elite Siding Contractor

Mastic Traditional Lap Siding

Mastic Traditional Lap Siding provides the clean lines and easy installation that have made lap siding a popular choice for homeowners with the quality and durability you can count on from Mastic. This siding will not only make your home look great, but it will also help protect it from the elements for years to come.

Why Choose Mastic Traditional Lap Siding?

  • 13 separate product lines
  • Wide range of colors and finishes, including multiple wood grains
  • Multiple sizes and profiles complete custom look
  • Designed by Mastic, a leading industry manufacturer

Mastic Home Exteriors by Ply Gem is the “Exterior Solution” for homeowner's with a wide range of products including insulated siding, traditional vinyl siding, polymer shakes, replacement windows, shutters, vinyl soffit, aluminum soffit, fascia, gutters and gutter protection.

Mastic Insulated Siding

Mastic Insulated siding is the smart choice for homeowners looking to get function and aesthetic value while improving their home's efficiency. This siding is used across the nation to protect homes and minimize energy loss.

Benefits of Mastic Insulated Siding

  • Significant insulation value to better keep your home at the right temperature
  • Can help reduce utility bills and offers better sustainability
  • Outstanding durability and toughnessLifetime warranty

Start Your Chicagoland Vinyl Siding Replacement & Installation 

Pick up the phone right now and call D-Wing Construction to schedule a consultation with our Chicagoland siding experts. We can come to your home and start the design process for your vinyl siding replacement or installation, and our contractors will leave you with a free, no-obligation estimate. If you prefer to request a complimentary quote online, you should take a moment to complete our form with details of your siding project.