Windows protect you from harmful outdoor elements and extreme weather events. These important components of your home would need to be repaired or replaced in case they got broken during a storm. However, not all window damage is obvious and some can go undetected, causing more problems.

A trusted window and roofing contractor shares ways to determine window storm damage.

Inspect Your Exterior

When the weather has cleared and it’s safe to go out, check your home’s exterior. Immediately call for assistance if you notice downed power lines, electrical hazards, or flooding. Look for fallen trees, debris, and broken shingles.

Wind Damage

High winds are capable of knocking over trees, damaging roofs, and in the worst-case scenario, shatter unsecured windows. After a harsh storm, check your windows for shattered or broken panes and damaged or dented frames. Also, check the glass for cracks, holes, or dents. 

Hail Damage

It’s not that difficult to spot hail damage since they can leave dents on your siding, roof, and windows. You’ll hear hail hitting the windows and you’ll see ice pellets on the ground. Hail can cause your windows’ glass to shatter or break. It can break, dent, and tear screens as well as dent the flashing above the window frame.

Water Damage

While damage from wind and hail can be easily identified, the effects of water damage are harder to spot. When not immediately addressed, water damage and leaks can cause mold growth, which can compromise your home’s structure and cause health problems to your household. 

In your windows, look for moisture buildup or fog between glass panes. Check the walls and ceilings for water stains and yellow or brown discoloration. See if there are any peeling or cracking wallpaper or paint. 

When your windows have been significantly damaged after the storm, it’s best to have them replaced. For high-quality window replacement services, turn to D-Wing Construction. We are your leading siding, window, and roof installation contractor. Call us at (630) 688-5160 our complete our contact form to get a free estimate. We serve homeowners in Aurora, IL.