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St. Charles Ice Dam Repair & Prevention

Has the winter snow caused havoc on your St. Charles home? Do you need help applying for insurance claims on your St. Charles home? Call D-Wing Construction today to help get frequent snow build up off of your roof and off of your drains. We are the premier St. Charles roofing, siding, and window company. When snow only partially drains and then refreezes again it results in ice dams along your roof that can result in a variety of expensive damages including:

  • Interior Leaks
  • Water Seepage Below Shingles
  • Ceiling and Wall Water Damage
  • Settled and Waterlogged Insulation
  • Exterior Paint Deterioration
  • And So Much More!

At D-Wing Construction we can help you with preventative and reactive roofing ice damage. The ice dam removal process can be simple and easy with one simple phone call. Call now to get help to prevent snow damage to roof. 

Make an Investment into Ice Dam Prevention

Preventative measures are always the best answer to any potential issue. Help prevent ice damage to roof, by calling D-Wing and asking about ice dam preventative measures. Our A+ Better Business Bureau rated ice dam prevention team can help you avoid mold, rot, and mildew by offering the following strategies:

  • Attic Heat Reduction
  • Attic Ventilation
  • Sealing Attic Air Leaks
  • Installing Ice Dam Membranes

Our team of excellent roof inspectors will come to your home and recommend the best cost-effective solution for your specific home. We know that no two homes are the same and every home will need a customized ice dam plan. You can count on our trained professionals to recommend the best system to keep your home fresh, dry, and safe.

Recover Best with St. Charles Ice Dam Team

If you are experiencing the aftermath of ice dam damage call D-Wing. We can help you distinguish if your damage will be covered by homeowner's insurance. D-Wing has a team of professionals who help walk our valued customers through the insurance claim process. You do not have to tackle your home's ice dam damage alone contact St. Charles' best insurance claims agents today to get assistance like:

  • Insurance Company Meetings
  • Providing Documents and Cost Estimates
  • Lay Out a High-Quality and Affordable Fix
  • Bring Your Home Back to its High-Performance State

Call St. Charles's Best Ice Dam Professionals Today

Make sure your home is ready for this year's ice and snow, call D-Wing Construction today to get your free roof inspection, accurate cost estimate, and amazing insurance claim assistance. You can also fill out our online form and we will contact you.